Respecting our natural and organic human structure!™

Hand Crafted, 100% Organic Essential Oils in our Natural Therapeutic Aromatherapy Products and they are Paraben Free! We use only natural ingredients so that the body may easily assimilate them and benefit from the restorative properties contained within each product.

Each product is filled with Divine Intention and is Divinely created for you!

The Divine desires us to be restored in body, mind, emotions and spirit so that we may succeed in unimaginable ways fulfilling our purpose here on the earth.

“The Lord created medicines from the earth and the sensible will not despise them.”
Ecclesiasticus 38:4

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”
3 John 1:2

Divine Essentials® was founded in 2003 for the purpose of providing clients quality products for continued restoration of body, mind, emotions and spirit. As we become more consciously aware, it is important for the body to use products that can be easily be assimilated into the system through its recognition.

Our foundational material focuses on the application of the principles of life for a successful manifestation in your life experience. Continued growth and awareness assists us in effectively becoming awesome individuals throughout our earthly expression.

This divine combination builds, in a positive way, your resonance for health, wellness and more balance. We guarantee you a wonderful experience as you embrace as part of your daily expression, Divine Essentials®.

Why divine essentials

Divine Essentials® uses essential oils in a therapeutic holistic way, which focuses on balancing the physical aspects of the body with the emotional and mental systems. These blends are light and pleasant to the senses. They work because we and the essential oils come from the same Source. The skin is our largest organ and therefore is the most efficient way to introduce the essential oils into the body. The skin absorbs and makes use of the natural properties contained within each essential oil, all of which come from some part of the plant ― the leaves, fruits, flowers, resins, woods, barks, exudates and roots.

Divine Essentials® Aromatherapy is not a cosmetic line, more accurately, it is a health and wellness line. Our therapeutic blends are intended to help restore you to wholeness.

Our Paraben Free Aromatherapy products are made with 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, High Grade & Organic Herbs, Certified Organic Jojoba Ester, Pure Shea Butter, Pure Dead Sea Salts, other Natural Butters, Fragrances Flavors, Vitamins and Vegetable Sources. As the final touch, each product is individually fused and sealed with the prayerful healing energy of the Divine Creator. Consistent use of these natural products allows for the manifestation of the results you desire.

With your sincerity of heart, these products will work together to bring about an authentic truth in you, allowing your expression to be one of integrity, peace, health and love.